Class Fees and Schedule

Here is an outline of our fees and class schedule for all types of classes that we offer:

Annual Registration Fee: $40
This fee is paid annually, per family and is non-refundable.

Dance Monthly Fees:

  • 30 minutes per week: $46 per month
  • 45 minutes per week: $53 per month
  • 60 minutes per week: $58 per month
  • 60+ minutes per week: $58 per hour per month
    (i.e. 90 min per week = $87 per month;
    4 hrs per week = $232 per month)

40% sibling discount (Student(s) of equal or lesser value.)

Trial Class $18
We offer any student, who has never taken a class at our facility, the chance to try a class at a single class price (prices vary). No registration fee is required to take a trial class, but will be due when you sign up. Please contact us to schedule your trial class!

Single Class $18
Single classes must be scheduled via e-mail and are available in any class with space. Your registration fee must be current.

Full Class Schedules

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