Competitive Dance

We currently have two levels of competitive dance teams, which we call our Recreational Company and Intermediate Company.

Our recreational level is a good place for dancers who may be starting their dance career, love to dance and want a little less commitment. They compete at 3 competitions and dance 3+ hours a week. This level of competition is perfect level for families who like to participate in multiple sports.

Our intermediate level requires more time from the dancer and the family. They compete in 4 – 6 competitions and dance 6+ hours per week. This level of competition is for the committed dancer who plans to make dance their main priority.

All of our company members get to know each other through various team bonding activities and dance show-offs. At our annual slumber party we assign big/little’s for the season!

All of our companies create long-lasting friendships and teach life skills for everything your child may do in the future! This commitment is a wonderful opportunity to develop technical dance skills while making wonderful friends and building poise and self-confidence.

Each year we invite dancers to join our Company. If you are interested in joining our company please let us know as soon as possible so that we can guide your dancer in the right direction for classes. Call or email the studio for more information about becoming a member of our Company.lev